Fatih Seferagic Biography: Life and Career Journey

Every young Muslim knows Fatih Seferagic. The international Bosnian Quran reciter has made a name among other popular reciters such as the well-known Mishary Rashid Al Afasy and the Indonesian new favorite, Muzammil Hasballah. Fatih is blessed with amazing voice that makes many listeners shed tears when listening to his Quranic recitations.

Life Story

Fatih Seferagic was born in Bosnia on March 1, 1995. The Bosnian-German reciter grew up in the United States as his family moved to this country when he was four. Born to a religious family, Fatih learned and memorized Quran at 9. Three years later, he became a hafiz, which means he could memorize the entire Quran at 12. This was a great achievement not all Muslim kids could obtain. 

Fatih on Kuwait (January 2019)

Fatih learned memorizing Quran in a hafiz school in Baltimore, Maryland. After completing his hafiz program, Fatih continued his study to learn hadith (sayings and teachings of Prophet Muhammad). In 2010, he was accepted in Bayyinah Dream Program where he learned Arabic. To maintain his memories, Fatih spends half of his days to recite Quran. No less than 13 hours are used to recite this holy book.

Besides learning Quran and hadith, Fatih made time to participate in an Islamic organization of Shaykh Yasir Birjas Mosque in Dallas, Texas. He also joined a religious youth site Muslim Youth Musing. This site mainly discussed youth problems in Islamic views, motivation, and inspiration. Fatih was and remains one of active writers for the site.

At 19, the good-looking reciter married a 22-year girl Shafiya Kara. But this marriage did not last long as they divorced in 2014. Three years later, he married another woman and yet this marriage was kept as a secret and his wife’s identity was not revealed to the public. Despite this marriage rumor, Fatih Seferagic still has many admirer from several countries including Indonesia and Malaysia.


Being a Muslim, Fatih Seferagic does not only learn and memorize Quran but also teach it. Fatih is known as a teacher or mentor who shares knowledge about Islam in Shaykh Yasir Mosque. He also made travels to some countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia as a spokesman in Islamic seminars and events. These two countries become the basis of his fans.

Besides, Fatih is active on social media such as Twitter and Instagram. Fans from around the globe and follow his activity and enjoy his Quranic recitations on his Twitter account @FatihSeferagic or Instagram @therealfatih. This Muslim artist is also available on Facebook fatihseferagic. Listeners who want to learn more about Quranic recitations can visit this YouTube channel or SoundCloud.

Surah Al Mulk by Fatih Seferagic

Currently, no less than 20 videos have been uploaded by this heart-melting Quran reciter. Among the best videos are as follow:

  • Surah Yusuf
  • Surah Muzammil
  • Surah Al Mulk
  • Surah Kahf
  • Surah An Naba
  • Surah Ar Rahman
  • Surah Al Qiyamah 
  • Surah Al A’la
  • Surah Fajr

Aside from uploading Quranic recitations in studio, Fatih also uploads his video while leading salah prayers. On YouTube, fans can find many videos of hear melting recitation during Fajr prayer or taraweeh prayer. If you want to contact him, you can try to reach out his management on

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