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The big name of Hamza Namira has been recognized by musicians worldwide. The Egyptian singer and instrumentalist begun his musical career in 1999 until present. Currently, he has released many tracks and albums, including remix albums. Hamza Namira is often Googled along with Swedish and Turkish male singers, Maher Zain and Mesut Kurtis who signed to the same label.

Early Life

Hamza Namira on Instagram
Hamza Namira on Instagram @hamzanamira

Hamza Namira was born in Abha, Saudi Arabia on November 15, 1980 to an Egyptian family.  His family came from Mansoura, Egypt and moved to Saudi Arabia before he was born. Namira was raised in Saudi Arabia until 12, when his parents decided to return to Egypt. His father was a doctor, at the same time an amateur artist.

Namira’s musical talent was developed when he was 17. He started to learn guitar, keyboard, and oud. He was also interested in some musical genres such as jazz, light rock, traditional Egypt style and Middle East style.

Namira attended Alexandria University and studied accounting. During his study, he joined a band led by Nabil Bakly, an Alexandrian artist who influenced Namira’s music. Bakly suggested him to pursue his career in music and Namira took this suggestion. Currently, the 39 years old is a singer, songwriter, composer, music arranger, and music producer. He played a few music instruments including guitar and oud.

Career Journey

Hamza Namira Most Popular Song: Dari yaa Qalby

Hamza Namira’s professional musical career begun in 2007 when he signed a contract with Awakening Records. In 2008, he debuted and released his first album Ehlam Ma’aya (Dream with Me). This album received positive response and entered Virgin Megastore top 10. 

Three years later, he released the second album Insan (Human) in July 2011. This album expressed many real issues such as ethnicity, hypocrisy, and poverty. After releasing the album, Namira’s involvement on sociopolitical issues continued. In 2013, he released a single Wa Ollak Eh that emphasized on hatred and violence.

His career journey continued as he launched a TV series Remix in 2016. This TV series was broadcasted by TV channel Al Araby and contained Hamza Namira’s songs in Remix album. Special collaborative performance would end each episode of this TV series. In 2011, this male singer received the Best Youth Singer Award from Middle East Music Award.

Albums and Popular Tracks

Since his debut in 2008, Hamza Namira released five music albums and one remix album. He also made videography from each album. Here is the list of Namira’s albums.

  • Ehlam Ma’aya (2008)

This album has 10 tracks with one acoustic version. Among the popular songs are Ehlam Ma’aya and Morgiana.

  • Insan (2011)

The second album comes with 16 track collections including Insan, Hansa, El-Midan, and Esmy Masr.

  • Esmaani (2014)

Esmaani means Listen to Me. This album consists of 12 song including Esmaani, Sabah El-Kheer, and Ya Lala.

  • El Mesaharaty (2015)

The tracks mainly has short titles such as Iblees, Istighfar, Napoleon, and Zeina. This is the fourth album released by Namira.

  • Hateer Min Tany (2018) 

The album released in 2018 has 9 songs with one acoustic version of Dari Ya Alby. It has popular tracks such as Dari Ya Alby, Sheekayyo, and Wala Sohba Ahla. 

  • Remix Hamza Namira (2016)

The remix album has 12 track list. Namira featured other musicians such as Baraka Band, Hamid El Shaery and Ramon Ruiz.

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