Harris Jung

Popularly known as Harris J, this British male singer has made a name in world’s music industry. After winning a talent competition in 2013, the young Harris J had the opportunity to join Awakening Records and started his career in music. With Awakening Records, this Muslim singer has more than 25 songs including the hit Salam Alaikum.


Harris Jung was born in London on May 2, 1997. The 23-year old singer was born to an Ireland-India father and Jamaica-England mother. His father, Rahim Jung, is a presenter in Islamic TV channel in London. Harris J is the oldest child in the family. He has two younger brothers namely Yusha Jung and Abdurrahman Jung and two younger sisters namely Meil and Aila.

His talent in music appeared since he was very young. At five, Harris sang and performed in front of public. He also joined school recital and multi-religion events. The mixture of ancient Arabic and Ireland vocal technique created a unique music talent to this singer.

When he was 12, Harris J found a place for himself in an exclusive Elite Training Club in Chelsea Academy. He received basic training for a few years from Chelsea FC Premier League Side. To improve his skills in music, Harris joined the renowned BRIT School of Performing Arts in London and graduated in 2015. The same school has graduated some popular singers such as Adele and Amy Winehouse. 

Music and Acting Career

Harris’s music career begun when he joined a talent competition held by Awakening Records in 2013 with Maher Zain as one of the judges. After winning the talent contest, Harris signed an exclusive contract with the label. His first album Salam was released in 2015 by Awakening Records and received positive response from publics.

His started to gain international attention, especially from Muslim-majority countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia. Harris was known to begin his acting career in Indonesia after starring a TV series Salam. He played a role as a religious school boy and who delivered meaningful messages to the audience. His presence in the series made his name even more popular in Indonesia.

Harris Jung Recite the Quran

During his musical journey, the British male singer performed in charity tour throughout England. He also joined Mandela concert in South Africa. In addition, Harris J recited the Holy Koran in Recitation at Charity Event for Gaza. With his beautiful voice and swag style, Harris J was dubbed the Muslim version of Justin Bieber.

Albums and Awards

Salam is the debut album released by Harris J and Awakening Records in 2015. This album has 12 tracks with Salam Alaikum as the most popular. In this album, Harris featured some male artists such as Jae Deen in Paradise, Shujat Ali Khan in Eid Mubarak, and Saif Adam in Worth It.

This album received Platinum Award from Warner Music Indonesia. The award was given as the sales of Salam album and Salam Alaikum single reached one million Indonesian rupiahs. Here are track collections of Harris Jung:

  • Salam Alaikum, 2015
  • You Are My Life, 2015
  • Rasool Allah, 2015
  • Eid Mubarak Ft. Shujat Ali Khan, 2015
  • Worth It Ft. Saif Adam, 2015
  • I Promise, 2015
  • Save Me from Myself, 2017
  • Human, 2019
  • Dangerous, 2019
  • etc
Harris Jung with His Family during Ied 2020
Harris Jung with His Family during Ied 2020 (@HarrisJOfficial)

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